Finish Your Home Addition With Quality Drywall

Finish Your Home Addition With Quality Drywall

Hire us for drywall installation or repair services in Waterbury, CT

Expanding your home is an exciting project. You're adding square footage to your property and gaining new space to make memories. However, there's a lot of logistics to consider, including your drywall installation. Get services from Westfhal Painting & Drywall in Waterbury, CT. We'll take care of your drywall installation from start to finish and come back if you need any repairs down the road.

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Fix damaged drywall quickly

Fixing damaged drywall may seem like a chore, but it's easy when you work with Westfhal Painting & Drywall. When you hire us for drywall repair services, our contractor can get rid of...

  • Dents from moving furniture or bumping into corners
  • Holes from nails, screws and picture-hanging hardware
  • Cracks from settling foundations and other mishaps

Accidents happen, and your walls are going to go through a lot of wear and tear. The sooner you take care of the repairs, the better.

Schedule drywall repair services with our team today.