Create a Cohesive Theme in Your Home

Create a Cohesive Theme in Your Home

Let our interior painter handle your project in Waterbury, CT

When you have a theme in mind for your interior design, you want it to flow throughout your entire home. Paint is a huge part of any interior design, and Westfhal Painting & Drywall wants to make the process easier for you. Go over all your color and finish options with our interior painter, and let us handle the rest.

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A 4-step painting process

There's more to painting than just simple brushstrokes. When you hire us for interior painting services, we'll follow a strict four-step process to make sure you receive beautiful results.

Here's a closer look at our interior painting process:

Step 1: Protect. We'll cover your flooring and furniture to avoid damaging surrounding surfaces.
Step 2: Prep. Our interior painter will fix any drywall damage to ensure a smooth, even surface.
Step 3: Prime. Applying a primer coat will help your paint shine brighter and last longer.
Step 4: Paint. We'll use whichever color and brand you choose to best fit your home's design.

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